If your car is beyond repair, you may be able to collect some money to help ease the pain. Car repair companies will buy salvageable parts from junk cars and sell them to consumers at a much-reduced price. If your car is broken from the outside, certain engine parts may still be usable, and even if the engine is shot, there are definitely other pieces that can be used. In any case, contact around to multiple junk yards to see what kind of price you may receive for your vehicle before having it towed. The first question a junk yard will ask is whether you own the car’s title. Because real junk yards will only buy junk vehicles from their owners and not from a third party, you must have a hard copy of the title with your name as the owner.

Make a list of the damages and missing pieces from your vehicle before you start calling junk yards in your area. Take note of which systems do not operate, as well as tire wear. The condition of interior elements may also be worth noting. The yard owner will most likely inquire about all of these details as he considers what price to offer. Depending on the condition of the car, you’ll probably get between $35 and $350 for it. If your engine isn’t working but needs an affordable and simple repair, it may be worth the cost because a running automobile will probably get a higher price. Simply keep in mind that it will most likely cost approximately $300, so don’t spend too much money just to get the car to operate. You don’t want to spend more money on it than you would in a junkyard!

To get the best deal, call multiple junkyards near your home or the location of your broken-down car. If your car isn’t working and there’s no way for you to tow it to the yard, look for places nearby that will haul it for a small fee, or perhaps for free. You don’t want to pay for long-distance towing when the vehicle is only worth a couple of hundred dollars! If possible, bring the vehicle to the yard yourself using your own (or a friend’s) tow dolly, tow bar, or another legal towing device. Who knows, the junkyard owner might agree to pay you a little extra if he doesn’t have to tow your vehicle.

To summarize, before you attempt to sell junk car, you must accomplish the following-

– Obtain a title for the vehicle and have your name entered as the owner.

– Examine and make a list of all damages, functional parts, and interior conditions.

– Call around to other junk yards in the area to get the best price.

– If you want the best deal, be prepared to tow the vehicle yourself to the junkyard.